Yearly Event List
  1. Gridiron Dinner & Show

    •Annual dinner and show which showcases the many talents of the association’s members. The show is written, produced, directed by lawyers. Lawyers also perform in the show, which provides everyone with the opportunity to laugh at themselves and the world in which they live and work.

  2. Award of Honor

    •An award given each year to an outstanding trial attorney whose service to the profession and community merits recognition, not as a reward, but as an example that my inspire others to similar service. Award first presented in 1946.

  3. Picnic & Softball Game

    •Annual event that culminates with a softball game between the Bench and Bar. A catered lunch and dinner is provided to all that attend.

  4. Judicial Appreciation Dinner

    •Dinner held in September to honor members of the Bench in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Judges celebrating their 25th anniversary on the Bench are given special recognition. Judges are dinner guests of the Lawyers Association.

  5. Black History Month

    •Annual celebration in February held with Mound City Bar Association. High profile African American community leaders are traditional speakers at the dinner.

  6. CLE Approved Seminars

    •Seminars are held periodically through the year on topics of concern to the legal community. CLEs are also offered at many program meetings on a variety of issues of interest to the membership.

  7. Memorial Service

    •A service held in the Civil Courts Building each May to honor and remember those members of the Bench and Bar who passed away during the previous calendar year.

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